What sets us apart either than socio or economic differences can almost always be attributed to our motivators. Drive, passion, purpose, determination and willingness. These factors play a huge role in whether one lives to achieve what they have set their mind to or whether external factors will play a definitive role in one’s success.

Aspirational Creatures

We people are aspirational creatures and its our innate desires that lead us to strive to be better and not merely have and consume more. This burning desire to improve fueled by drive, determination, passion and willingness to work is a force to be reckoned with and we’ve all come across individuals that are filled with purpose and not just that they were willing and determined to do whatever it takes to fulfill that purpose, these people are magnetic and inspire others to look within themselves to reignite that spark.

We are more than mere dust

“Only dust settles” this is such a strong and profound statement and so much comes back to it, if you’ve had the feeling of intense enthusiasm or compelling desire for something you know how gutted you feel every time you ignore it or just don’t put in the time and effort required to delve deeper into it. This feeling of disappointment is like every fibre of your being confirming you have done or are doing something that goes against your very nature, how can you settle?

Biologically your body evolves to improve, repair and protect itself, intellectually from when you can start stringing sentences together you consume knowledge and information at an alarming rate plus your experiences help shape how strong your IQ and EQ is going to be, physically our external bodies become stronger as we fortify them with challenges and stringent routines.

This constant urge for self-improvement grows beyond intellectual and physical ability, people grow spiritually as well, but what aligns all those aspirations? It is what sets us apart from every other species, not only are we aspirational we are conscious of that fact and know when we begin to divert from it.

Global philosophies, universal commonality

We are more than mere dust our lives are filled with purpose, we are conscious of our actions and how others may perceive them, we have to focus on ways to create impact and achieve the outcomes we are aiming for. There are numerous contradicting philosophies on how to approach life, the Japanese love the “Tao” which translate to the path, and is understood on three levels as the way of ultimate reality, the way of the universe and the way of human life, they encourage people to live in harmony of these three domains and not be forceful or go against them.

American author Steven Pressfield has a contradicting philosophy which he laid out in his book “The War of Art” his beliefs aren’t too far off from the Japanese but he doesn’t believe it letting things come you but allowing yourself to start the process through discipline and dedication which opens the gate for passion, inspiration or any other energy to be channeled in the midst of creation.

Neither of these two views and approaches to life is correct or incorrect or the best determiner of success and peace of mind however they both hold one thing in common and to me, that is all that matters. Both philosophies encourage us to be and do better, even though worlds apart they ultimately have the same goal, they were both derived to help people aim to be better versions of themselves. Only dust settles

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